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Updated: 4/8/2021
Unknown Story

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  •  Adonis was a hunter and often hunted with his dog more often than not. He would go away for hunting days on end, killing bears, lions, and wolves. His friends had begged him not to go into the deep forests until he was older but he didn't listen.
  • Adonis was out hunting on a spring morning when he was trying to kill two wild hogs. He went at the large animal with a spear in hand. He threw the spear, but when it hit the wild animal, it didn't go through the thick skin of the hog. Adonis had tried getting out a bow and arrow to shoot at the animal instead. 
  • But before he could even get the arrow on the bow, one of the hogs attacked with its tusks.
  • He pulled the sharp tusks out, bleeding tremendously. He stumbled down the hill, trying to get to the pond at the end of the hill the clean his wounds. 
  • The wild hog had gotten to the pond just as fast as he had, killing Adonis on the grass by the pond. A group of white swans by the water has flown off to tell Aphrodite what they had all just seen. They brought Aphrodite to the pond where she started crying out “ Adonis! Adonis!” 
  • As they got to the pond the only thing left of the hunter was his blood that remained. Aphrodite put droplets of nectar on top of the blood of Adonis. An hour later, flower buds sprouted from where Adonis’ blood had once been. Soft winds of the night blew them open, showing the beautiful flowers. They were often called wind- flowers or anemones. People believed that the pinks and purple from the flower come from Adonis’s heart.