The Mughal Empire
Updated: 1/15/2021
The Mughal Empire

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  • Before receiving the throne, the emperor Zaheeruddin Baber began a golden age and was regarded as a poet in Farsi and Turkish.
  • I am indeed Zaheeruddin Babar. I ruled between 1526 and 1530 CE
  • Our ruler Zaheeruddin Babar, Son Humayun, by inheritance, was granted the vast Mughal Empire
  • Humayun wasn't very reliable in state problems due to this his siblings were after his status as emperor.
  • I am Humayun and I ruled between 1530 and 1556CE. At the age of 22, I was given Emperor Status.
  • But we ae still loyal to our emperor even though he has his flaws.
  • I am known as the King of the Mogul Kingdom. We grow rice, wheat and millet, each of which has been cultivated in certain regions or areas. In the Eastern and Southwestern portions of the Empire, rice was grown. In the Northern and Central areas, wheat was grown, and we almost need crystals to produce more crops for our troops.
  • We'll immediately find someone to have an stable trade transaction with.
  • I'm an representative for England are you here for trades? Where are you from?
  • I'm here from the Mughal Empire, I heard you do trades. I don't have spice but I have cloth
  • Thanks for the successful trade.
  • No problem
  • The Mughal Empire is said to have been discovered in 1526 by Zaheeruddin, a soldier of what is now in Uzbekistan who used the assistance of the local Safavid and Ottoman Empire to defeat the Sultan of Delhi, Ibrahim Lodhi, in the first Battle of Panipat, and to sweep down the plains of Under India. The Mughal Empire ruled most of India and Pakistan in the 16th and 17th centuries. Its consolidated Islam in South Asia and spread Muslim arts and culture as well as in belief. The Mughals were Muslims who ruled a country with a large Hindu Population.