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Updated: 3/13/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Bye son I love you
  • I love you to mom
  • Someone help
  • Keep going!
  • This is terrible
  • Spartan children had to leave at the age of seven
  • What do you think about that
  • I think that would work
  • I hate this so much.
  • Children had to train until the age of twenty and were starved and given a lack of clothing
  • Today well be learning about politics
  • Politics 101
  • They fought in wars and couldn't retire until the age of sixty
  • Only men could talk politics and women had fewer rights than Spartan women
  • Men got a well rounded education until the age of 18
  • Between Athens and Sparta I chose Sparta because even though i am pushed to do my best i still get a well rounded education like learning to use writing.