Corona Times
Updated: 4/29/2020
Corona Times

Storyboard Text

  • Hey Tommy!!!
  • Oh hey Jess
  • Jessica?
  • OMG How have you been!!!!!
  • Oy What er' yah think yer doing!!!!!!!! Yer talking bout the virus but yer not wer'in a mask.
  • What just happened ???
  • Did that knight just move?!?!?!?!?!
  • Did you know that the coronavirus can be spread before the symptoms are apparent also not everyone that has the coronavirus has symptoms. and the virus can be spread within a 27 foot radius.
  • Now it talked!!!!
  • My Apologies Sir Knight
  • You are absolutely right.
  • Ye sure know a lot a bout the virus Milady but did you know that COVID-19 can live on surfaces for up to three days. Plus It won't diminish in warm temperatures.
  • Talking toy hehe... why not?
  • Yes Sir Knight your are correct I did not know that.
  • So says the CDC and and
  • Why is no one...OMG there is a talking Knight action figure!!!!!
  • Did you also know that Obese individuals are more likely to contract the virus
  • Ummmmm...Bye?
  • Bye Sir Knight I have to go!!!Tommy Wait!!!!!
  • I quit WAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • At this point there is nothing to be done but hope for the best but if the safeguards from Obama's Administration or even if the Moron in the Oval Office wasnt president we definitely wouldn't be in this bad of a place. The absolute most we can do is give the nesssery funds to the states in need.