operant conditioning ap psych story board
Updated: 4/6/2021
operant conditioning ap psych story board

Storyboard Text

  • I want to watch the parade!
  • Im calling mom. MOM!!!
  • Who cares I have 10 dollars riding on this game Im watching it!
  • how about buddy watches his parade during Susies commercials because he has already seen it
  • yay thanks mom!
  • Buddy loves to watch the parade over and over again but his sister Susie wants to watch football (she has $10 riding on the game). One of them has to give in. How will you help the loser of this fight get over not getting his/her way.
  • If you let her watch we can go to the carnival after!
  • fine.
  • YAY Thank You mom!
  • fixed interval: buddy watches parade during football game commercial, vice versa
  • susie give your brother a hug and say thanks for letting you watch the game then come to the kitchen.
  • thank you buddy. I love you!
  • spontaneous behavior: buddy's emotional reaction of crying
  • Heres some treats to enjoy while susie watches the game
  • thanks mom!
  • primary reinforcement: once you let your sister finish the game we can all go to the carnival!
  • positive reinforcement: Susie giving buddy a hug
  • immediate reinforcement: popcorn and soda