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Updated: 9/18/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Breaking News: Villain attacks the president's own home.
  • Barb's Burgers
  • I am receiving word that the villain has been identified as the villain Argentis.
  • Mr. Argentis has been kind enough to send to send his partner helium to do an interview for him.
  • That's right Rick, and i'm glad to be here.
  • Then let's begin
  • He is extremely malleable, so he's hard to hurt, and he can conduct any energy, being the best conductor.
  • He doesn't like me saying this, but he's 5,000 years old
  • How old is Argenits?
  • Oh you're funny! What are his powers?
  • That, is something I won't tell you. Some things shouldn't be told.
  • He is silver.
  • well, the main producer of silver is in Mexico so he has a bunch of family there.
  • Last question, what are Argentise's weaknesses
  • tell me something interesting about his family.
  • What element is he?
  • I must be heading out now, goodbye!
  • bye