Updated: 9/28/2020

Storyboard Description


Storyboard Text

  • Scene 1
  • Some decades ago... Our nations where ruled by indigenous groups.
  • Scene 2
  • Scene 3
  • The beginning of the video starts. Text is shown in a notebook (I will have to dictate that), then the paper slowly starts wrinkling to a transition the next scene. This will take a couple of pictures
  • Scene 4
  • A Mayan citizen (me as a roleplay) will start by introducing himself, after that he will start talking about the Mayans population and how they were a undiscovered nation by the world.
  • Scene 5
  • He will explain where the Mayan geography was, how their capital was Tikal, how their were pyramids of lower ranked people and higher ranked people, the higher ranked people had more benefits than the lower ranked people. Similar to the medieval ages in Europe were Royals would have more perks.
  • Scene 6
  • He will later on explain how the Spanish people arrived by boat thinking they have arrived in India for slaves. Of course the Spanish people had better equipment and weaponry, making the Mayans who fought with spears and handmade weapons vulnerable.
  • After that he will explain how the Spanish found out they had colonized new lands. And how they brought priests and colonists to rule these lands. They slaved and slathered innocent indigenous people and slowly took control of this nation formed by 15 million people because of there huge advantage.
  • He will finally explain how many of them died from viruses the Spanish brought that their immune systems weren’t able to handle or either married Spanish men. The Spanish people were also very racist meaning that if the child wasn't white he wouldn't have the perks.