Updated: 7/31/2020

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  • Hey mind i can see you after the movie
  • Bet Your Friend would like to see me
  • Eww no creep
  • Leave Them alone dally
  • Fine (storms off angrily)
  • Do you two want to sit with us
  • Im 14 and Johnny is 16
  • CHAPTER 2. Pony Boy Johnny And Dally Go to the Drive-in. Dally is rude to the Soc's sitting in front of them
  • So how Old are you guys
  • Johnny got beat up by bob badly
  • Dally continues to harass the girls while pony and johnny watch.
  • Wow im so sorry
  • Johnny gets fed up with dally and tells him to leave. Dally swears back and storms of angrily. The girls invite pony and johnny to sit with them.
  • its rough all over
  • They begin to know each other and talk. The girls tell them there names, Cherry and Marcelien
  • The conversation switches to the fact that Johnny was beat up by Bob who happens to be Cherry and Marcelien.
  • Pony talks about the troubles of being a greaser. Cherry then opens up saying being a Soc has its problems. Cherry says it's rough all over to show them everyone has problems.