The ten amendments
Updated: 2/3/2021
The ten amendments

Storyboard Text

  • The first amendment in the bill of rights says congress cannot make any law that would take away basic freedoms people have. people are guarded freedom of religion , speech and press [publish articles or broadcast reports].
  • you have to believe in this
  • The first amendment.
  • no we are not
  • The second amendment protects the right of citizens to own and use guns.
  • The second amendment.
  • The third amendment says that Americas can no longer be forced to let soldiers stay in their homes.
  • let us in
  • The third amendment.
  • We are not forced to let you in
  • The fourth amendment that is illegal us citizens are protected from unreasonable search and seizure
  • The fourth amendment.
  • The fifth amendment is that you cannot be tried for as series crime unless a special jury , called a grand jury ,decides there is enough evidence.
  • The fifth amendment.
  • The sixth amendment guarantees citizens the right to lawyer and a fair trial if accused of a crime.
  • The sixth amendment.