Request a playback

Updated: 2/11/2021
Request a playback

Storyboard Description

An official comes at the office to ask to view what happened in a date on the past regarding a mission performed in a given geographical area by a given operator (or regarding a specific Drone-ID).

Storyboard Text

  • I want to know what happened on 12/12/2020 during the operation performed by Operator XXX
  • Ok, I will look on the System to see what happened
  • I will search on the system for the timeframe and see the mission done by that user
  • Ok, mission found. Let's see, from the Supervisor point of view, what happened for that mission
  • Oh! I cannot find that operator in the system. Maybe he cancelled himself. I need to ask my colleague who has the rights to search for canceled users
  • Ok, I access a special section of our HCI that can consider also Canceled users! Now I see the mission of that user
  • Ok! Let's start the playback from Supervisor Point of View. This is the evolution of the tracks. From this other view, we can istead see what the user was seeying on it's interface and the actions he did.