Kevin Arango's Ghost Of The Lagoon Story Board
Updated: 3/2/2020
Kevin Arango's Ghost Of The Lagoon Story Board

Storyboard Text

  • The island of Bora Bora,where Mako lives,is far away in the South Pacific.It is not a large island
  • One evening Mako lay stretched at full length on the pandanus mats,listening to Grandfather's voice.
  • The old man was speaking of Tupa,the ghost of the lagoon. Mako was told that his father was killed by Tupa
  • Mako after he was told the new became determined to kill Tupa not for the reward that the king had placed if someone killed Tupa but to avenge his father
  • Mako's family needed a new bunch of bananas so he went to the reef to grab a new bunch.
  • It took Mako a while to get the bananas.So by the time he was about to leave it was night.And on his way back home he encountered Tupa.
  • Mako arrived back home to spread the news that he had killed Tupa
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