Pranaya Jain - English Semester 1 Project

Pranaya  Jain - English Semester 1 Project

Storyboard Text

  • Tom! Tom! where are you
  • She came to window and Shouted Loudly
  • Tommmmm!
  • She checked everywhere but was not there than she went in her room
  • Tom! Tom!
  • That time she heard some voice in the right side
  • She turn there , there was Tom trying to escape from there
  • Tom , what were you in the closet
  • No! Aunt I just came from school
  • Don't lie to me , You were stealing jam again and put your greasy fingers in the jar
  • She looked in the closet
  • Look behind you, Aunt ! Quickly now there is a cat
  • She looked behind her there was nothing
  • This was the oldest trick I fell for . I am going to make him work on Saturday
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