Updated: 3/3/2021

Storyboard Text

  • *Blows Shell*
  • You guys haven't been doing anything! We have no houses no water source, and you are all neglecting the fire! What about the beastie
  • There aren't any monsters on this island guys!
  • Piggy blows that conch shell
  • That's not true I've seen a beastie!
  • The boys all gather up and piggy disciplines them
  • Then where did the "beastie" come from?
  • Me and the hunters will hunt down the beastie and kill him!
  • At night he comes through the ocean!
  • Ralph tells the littluns that there aren't monsters and to stop worrying
  • Maybe I shouldn't be leader anymore. grown ups would know what to do....
  • Littlun says he has seen a beastie
  • The littlun says the beastie comes through the ocean at night and Jack is determined to kill him
  • Littlun cries to sleep while Ralph wishes adults were on this island