The_assignment = True
Updated: 2/9/2021
The_assignment = True

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If The_assignment print("yes')

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  • The Seventh amendment
  • The seventh amendment states that other people besides the judge would need to settle on whether the defendant is guilty or not, if it were only up to the judge the people that were writing the bill of rights thought that they would give the government too much power
  • Green T-Shirt man, what do you have to say in response to your accusations?
  • This is not good, I think he should have to pay him for the damages. to his property
  • Im pressing charges
  • He will have his punishment, the bail will not be excessive the same with the punishment it will not be physical harm but it might impact him mentally
  • The Eighth amendment states the punishments IF someone is guilty of a crime. The bail fine will not be too much to where it is unnecessary to charge the amount of many and the punishment must not be cruel
  • I will press charges onto what he did!
  • The Eight Amendment
  • I need to know if all our rights they didn't state in the bill of rights do still apply?
  • They certainly are! even though they aren't stated they do still exist!
  • The Ninth amendment
  • The Ninth amendment states that the rights that not may be stated still belong to the people
  • These Bill of rights will NOT I repeat do NOT change or strengthen the national government
  • The Tenth Amendment
  • The tenth amendment states that the bill of rights do not give the congress more power; only to the states and the people