Different Scientist Develop Electromagnetic Wave Theory
Updated: 2/2/2021
Different Scientist Develop Electromagnetic Wave Theory

Storyboard Text

  • After class, A group of Students are discussing who is there favorite scientist in the Electromagnetic Wave Theory.
  • Mark Lovette S. Chua10-AGONCILLO
  • Guys my favorite scientist is André-Marie Ampère. He demonstrated the magnetic effect based on the direction of current. Who is your favorite guys?
  • Wow! what a great achievement of Ampère but my favorite is Michael Faraday because he formulated the principle behind electromagnetic induction.
  • I like Henrich Rudolf Hertz because he showed experimental evidence of electromagnetic waves and their link to light. Even the unit of frequency is named after him. He is so awesome .
  • My Favorite is James Clerk Maxwell. He contributed in developiing equations that showed the relationship between electricity and magnetism. He is a brilliant scientist.
  • I choose Hans Christian Oersted because he showed how the current carrying wire behaves like a magnet. I think without him other scientist would not be able to develop Electromagnetic Wave Theory .