Hunting trip
Updated: 1/13/2021
Hunting trip

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  • Uggg it was 4:30 and it was time to go hunting. As John walked out of the cabin bedroom his eyes were in shock of how bright the lights were. They only became brighter as he went to go get his gear ready.
  • It was a cold, windy night up high in the mountains, and John had only thought about how cold it was going to be in his tree stand, two miles away from camp. But John was a speedy guy so he wanted to leave the cabin before the sun rose.
  • As John stepped out of the cabin he had a queasy stomach. It was his first time going alone into the woods, so As John stepped out of the cabin he had a queasy stomach, it was his first time going in the woods alone so he was very anxious. He knew everything was going to be okay, but was very worried. As John walked through the woods he saw three large squirrel scamper up a big oak tree. He had remembered that tree and it was bigger than it had ever been. 
  • As John approached his tree stand he saw something moving towards him, and it was the biggest coyote he had ever seen. He knew it wasn’t going to hurt him be he was still very scared. He found the biggest tree in sight and sat down behind it. It was an American black coyote, and they were the most aggressive of them all.
  • As the coyote came closer John jumped up and shined his flashlight into the coyote’s eyes to try to stop it from seeing John. But the coyote did not stop it kept on coming. “Maybe it was blind, or maybe it was an American brown coyote which were far less aggressive” John thought. As John flashed the light into the coyotes eyes again it ran away and he was able to make it to his tree stand.
  • As, John got settled into his tree stand he remembered that he forgot his warm jacket and all head was a camo rain jacket. “ It was going to be a cold, wet day in the tree stand,” John said. After all John made it through the day, and made it back t the cabin to eat a great dinner.