act 5 story baord
Updated: 11/2/2020
act 5 story baord

Storyboard Text

  • Act 5 sceme 1
  • Lady Macbeths gentlewoman calls on a doctor to try and heal lady Macbeth and her sleep walking
  • Macbeth tells seyton that he will be fighting until they hack his flesh of his body and to get his armor ready
  • Act 5 scene 3
  • Act 5 Scene 4
  • Macduff and the british soldiers get branches to hide how many soldiers they have and trick Macbeths spies into giving Macbeth false information
  • act 5 scene 5
  • Seyton informs Macbeth that lady macbeth has died,He doesnt have time to mourn because he needs to battle maceduff and the army
  • Act 5 scene 7
  • Young siward and english soldiers are approaching dunsinane with trees to camoflague the numbers they are coming with
  • Act 5 Scene 8
  • Macduff kills macbeth qand becomes the new king!