Ronald the Somewhat Smart Child Pt 1

Updated: 7/28/2020
Ronald the Somewhat Smart Child Pt 1

Storyboard Text

  • Hi, I'm Ronald and I have a super cool ability like the rest of my class. I can do Trigonometry pretty well.*rest of the class has stuff like super speed and gun hands*
  • So, this problem says that I have to find the angle of where a 20 foot ladder meets on a wall. With the ladder 7 feet away from the wall. So I would do cos(x)=7/20. Which will then be changed into x=cos^-1*7/20. Which means it would be about 69.5 degrees.Now what do you think about your gunhands JASON!!?
  • Now the turns have tabled, now I am the problem. Looks like mom was right, Anyways, I am against the wall with the top of 6ft. And I am inclined with 60 degrees. And we have to find how far I am from the wall. So, I'm going to use tangent. Tan(60)=6/X. So we can change that to X=6/1.732. Then 6/1.732 is about 3.464. So, I am about 3.464 ft away from the wall.
  • Now, we see a teacher in the wild without their morning cup of coffee. So, let's find out how high Ms. Karen is reaching when she is unconscious. Ms. Karen is 5 feet tall, basically a penguin. And she is leaning on the wall at a 65 degree angle. So, we would do sin(65)=X/5. So sin(65)*5=X Which would mean Ms. Karen is reaching up 4.53 feet.
  • So yeah, I'm Ronald and I'm somewhat smart. I hope you enjoy me breaking the 4th wall.*please give me an A please be merciful*