tay kay
Updated: 2/13/2020
tay kay

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  • CJ&Tay Kay
  • CJ lived with only his father Conner senior in a small suburban neighborhood. CJ loved rap music, his favorite artist was Taymor Travon McIntyre also known as "Tay Kay". Despite CJ's love for his music his father questioned his taste and would often scold him about the message behind Tay Kays music. Conner would then protect Tak Kay and say hurtful things to his dad.
  • Conner what did that song say!
  • It was clear CJ really admired Tay Kay for his music. It had come to the point where wanted to be just like him. Tay Kay was his favorite artist, he was going to drop a new song but then...
  • "Taymor Travon McIntyre sentenced 55 years to life for multiple charges including murder"
  • 55-LIFE
  • Tay Kay broke into somebody house and was found guilty of killing a 21 year old father. CJ was extremely depressed, his idol deeply ashamed him. CJ never heard his music like he used to.
  • Conner returned from work to his son sobbing and apologizing after every sentence. from that point on CJ never disrespected his father again. He came to realize his father was his real idol.