Themes for a Midsummer Night's Dream
Updated: 2/7/2021
Themes for a Midsummer Night's Dream

Storyboard Text

  • “Villain, I throw all the power that this magic charm has on your eyes. When you wake up, may love stop you from falling back to sleep.” (Florman 2.2. 80-84).
  • Oh beautiful Helena, I just woke up from a terrible dream, I was spending time with Hermia when I could have been with you this whole time!
  • Lysander, are you alright?
  • Lysander why are you following me when you should be with Hermia.
  • Why has Lysander left me for Helena? Does he not love me anymore? Why?! Why?!
  • Helena! Please, stop running! I just want to share my love with you and protect you with all my heart!