Texas timeline
Updated: 2/12/2020
Texas timeline

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  • All of this land is yours
  • no more immigration
  • we must fight!!
  • Moses Austin, a banker and business owner who dreamed of starting a U.S. colony in Spanish Texas was given a huge piece of land by Spanish officials in 1821.
  • we will fight
  • With the success of Austin's colony came a rush of settlers to Texas. By 1830 there were already 25,000 Americans in texas. That made the Tejanos mad because Americans were coming to Texas without their permission. So the Mexican government closed texas to U.S. immigration
  • we will be staying up all night
  • A group led by a lawer by the name of William Travis wanted to have a revalution
  • The question is should we expand the U.S. territory?
  • In February 1836 a large part of Santa Anna's army reached San Antonio, Texas. About 180 Texans, including eight Tejanos, defended the town. They had taken over an old mission known as the Alamo and with them Davy Crockett.
  • As Sam Houston, the commander of the Texas revolutionary army, pushed on, Houston's only hope was to retreat eastwards. When Santa Anna caught up with Houston near the San Jacinto (san ha-SIN-to) River instead of attacking he kept his troops up all night.
  • The Republic of Texas earned the nickname the Lone Star Republic because of the single star on its flag. Texas remained independent for ten years. During the 1844 presidential campaign it was influenced by the question of whether to expand U.S. territory.