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Matter Comic
Updated: 10/7/2020
Matter Comic
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  • In order for matter to change states energy needs to be added or taken away
  • Before I go over the work, what did you guys learn in the group projects?
  • We learned how to change a solid to a liquid
  • That's correct, if I wanted to turn this liquid in my mug into a solid I would have to freeze it taking energy away
  • To turn a solid into a liquid, you would have add energy which would be melting it
  • We learned that in order to turn a liquid to a gas you need to add heat, that would boil it, soon it should evaporate turning into a gas.
  • I know know that in order to turn a gas into a liquid you need to take away heat, it will start condensating, ot turning into a liquid
  • But how do you turn a gas into a plasma?
  • Oh I Know! The particles in a plasma are moving faster than in a gas. It is called ionization when you turn a gas to plasma
  • Great Job Class!
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