Cold War Vocab
Updated: 4/2/2021
Cold War Vocab

Storyboard Description

by Samara Lefler

Storyboard Text

  • Cold War
  • Containment
  • Communism
  • Stay there!
  • Marshall Plan
  • Here is some money to rebuild!
  • a period of hostility between Western powers and Communist powers
  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization
  • a foreign policy that attempts to stop the spread of communism without ending it in the countries in which it already exists
  • GI Bill of Rights
  • Here is some money for your house, farm, school, or business! Thanks for fighting for us!
  • the idea that the U.S. could help rebuild war-torn Europe with loans and other economic aid
  • an alliance of Western powers
  • Western Powers
  • a law that offered veterans money for school, houses, farms, and businesses