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Updated: 10/14/2020
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  • The Danish watcher from the mountains rode down to see talk to Beowulf to find out why they were here. "He came riding down, Hrothgar's lieutenant, spurring his horse, Needing to know why they'd landed." Lieutenant: "Exactly who you are, and from where, and why." Beowulf: "We are Geats, Men who follow Higlac.
  • When Beowulf and his men arrive in Herot, they are called to greet the King in his meeting hall. Beowulf promises the King that he will kill Grendel if his men can have shelter. "Beowulf and his men arrive at Herot and are called to see the King. Beowulf: "O shelterer of warriors and your people's loved friend, That is one favor you should not refuse me."
  • His people build Beowulf's tower, and it rests on the shoreline so passing ships can see it and remember Beowulf.  "The the Geats built the tower, as Beowulf Had asked, strong and tall, so sailors Could find it from far and wide. Beowulf: "Here on the water's edge, high On this spit of land, so sailors can see this tower."
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