La Linea Project/Final
Updated: 3/11/2020
La Linea Project/Final

Storyboard Text

  • I have something else m´ijo
  • .........
  • ''Rifle Cracks off''
  • "I'm going to check what that noise is outside stay put.''
  • ''Eduardo... m'ijo...Magdalena, m'ija..."
  • She packed him oranges and apples with a side of her tacos. She gives Miguel her medallion that´s he´s never seen her take off before. Its called the virgen de guadalupe medallion.
  • Moise goes to go check what was the noise outside while the others hid. Everyone heard the rifle crack off when Moise went to the north side of the house. R.I.P. Moise.
  • Elena found two bodies only 20 or 30 steps later.Javi hadn't been drinking water so hes seeing things from dehydration.
  • Elena had got a degree for English in California.
  • Miguel had got a job back at San Jantico.
  • "Phone call"Elena answered my phone call as seconds after I calledI moved back and had got a job a San Jantico and Elena got her degree at California.