Lindsay's Ember Project
Updated: 2/24/2020
Lindsay's Ember Project

Storyboard Text

  • assignment day
  • no no no no
  • message to the mayor
  • ok
  • Doon and Lina was sitting in their classroom and today is assignment day. do you get called up to the front of the classroom. and she picks out of the band with all little papers he picked up one of the in his mind he wanted to work as a but instead he got messenger he threw a pipework flavour. but instead do you got messenger he threw a dead Kitty fight and threw the paper on the ground and March sign marched to his chair. then Lena got called up to the friend she wanted messenger it was not fair she said and then she got pipe work flavour.and after class Lina and Doon switch jobs .
  • Doon see's the generater
  • message to the mayor when Lena was working as a messenger this old man came up to her and said I have a message for the mayor at 8 from Looper. Lina went to the King's Tower have gave him the message . but then Lena Paul Aguilar you want a bit I saw stairs behind it. she went up the stairs and she went on the kangaroo. agar take her down and. bring her down to the king and Blue Pearl the only thing she said was delivery at from Looper. the King was happy but not happy at the same time.
  • My prediction
  • we escaped
  • this is so bad
  • when do was working at pipework labourer she decides to go to the generator to see if he can fix it. he stopped it wasn't very bad shape.and it was mostly all covered in duct tape. show instead she went up to the City of Ember and relax for a little bit.
  • Doon and Lina Escape out of the door From the City of Ember. Doon bib not fixed the generator so the City of Ember explode. and the City of Ember is never seen again.