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Updated: 2/3/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Look how good I am at juggling but I still drop some once in a while
  • lucky!!!I wish I knew how to juggle.
  • Oh yea I forgot its that time of year. You know where we live, right near the equator. We just lost gravity its okay.
  • Oh yea dad that's right, forgot about that.
  • Friction.HAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!
  • Want to hear something that grinds my gears?
  • That was painfully not funny and I want you to know that we are not friends anymore.
  • What?
  • Gravity is a force that pulls objects together. In this cell, the reference to juggling is an example of gravity because when u through up one of the objects, gravity is pulling the objects down into the jugglers hand.
  • LET US GO!!
  • I wish I could but its like im a magnet, i'm stuck. NOW STOP COMPLAINING I CAN'T DO ANYTHING!!!
  • YEAA!!
  • Gravity is a force that pulls objects together. In this cell, the reference to the equator is because where gravity is weakest, is actually by the equator.
  • There's a seat open back here but its elastic.
  • *sigh
  • Yea she always turns everything into such a stretch
  • This joke in summary is basically saying that friction is the force that helps grinds gears. But in this horrible joke, it is creating tense from the characters.(friction)
  • Friction please help me now!! I need this puck back
  • Magnetism is a force that is attracted to metals when they either attract to each other. In this joke, the main character(middle) is attracting the others to him because his force is too strong to fight it.
  • Elastic force is basically when u stretch an object but it also simultaneously resists to be stretched. So in this joke an annoying girl named Elastic, is trying to find a place to sit, but she can't because nobody likes her because she "stretches" things. In other words, like said before she is annoying.
  • In this joke the character needs his puck back because its sliding away at the moment. This is friction because the puck is sliding on the ice.
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