Updated: 3/18/2020

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  • You have a visitor.
  • No, please don't be the creature!?
  • In this cell it shows how when Victor was in prison ill, he was still able to have regular checkups and doctor appointments so he could get better. It states, " These were my first reflections; but i soon learned that Mr.Kirwin had shown me extreme kindness. He had caused the best room in the prison to be prepared for me (wretched indeed was the best); and it was who he had provided me a physican and a nurse" (Shelley 341)
  • This cell shows how Mr.Kirwin told Victor he has a visitor and Victor freaked out and thought that it was the monster coming to make things worse since the creature probably thinks he forgot about his promise he made. It states, " 'This suspense is a thousand times worse than the most horrible event. Tell me what new scene of death has been acted, and whose murder I am now to lament" (Shelley 343).
  • In this cell Victor's father comes to get in out of prison and suprises Victor and he was so happy to his father that he cried tears of joy. It states, "Nothing at this moment could have given me greater pleasure than arrival of my father. I stretched out my hand to him and cried, ' Are you safe-and Elizabeth- and Ernest?" (Shelley 345)