Updated: 5/8/2020

Storyboard Text

  • In the world that we have today, Earth is inhabited by life while Mars is not.
  • In Earth's atmosphere, there is a powerful magnetic field that deflects the particles from the Sun. With the lifeforms that inhabit the Earth, they help keep the Earth's atmosphere and climates running.
  • Like some other planets, Earth experiences Sputtering. It is when the Sun sends down molecules that are sent back. The Earth does a good job at deflecting it.
  • Mars is also one of the Planets that undergo Sputtering. Mars has undergone the pressure of it for likely many years.
  • Mars also has signs of lifeforms. There are rocks and pebbles that were signs of flowing water on it's surface. It also has craters that showed there were lakes.
  • 2061
  • However, Nowadays we don't even need Oxygen or any other source of air.They all are gone.