Updated: 4/5/2021

Storyboard Text

  • The government could intervene by allowing for there to be multiple buyers and sellers to allow for competition
  • What hapened to all of our items?
  • We used up everything because we have no competition.
  • The government could make necessary information more accessible and understandable to the public and companies.
  • Why are we failing?
  • Its because we don't have adequate information on the current economy, therefore we are making bad decision
  • The government could try to intervene from subsidizing, leading many businesses to stay in business. Consequently not having arguments or issues like this.
  • We are not moving for your job. We have a life here.
  • The government could use cost-benefit analysis to make sure that money is still being spent on locals safety, through law enforcement.
  • Why are all of these cars going so fast?
  • Its because there is no law enforcement
  • Governments could interfere with these kinds of negative and positive spillovers by placing regulations on the location of airports.
  • This new airport has been great because it is making travel so much easier
  • Yeah but I never get any sleep because of the planes that constantly fly over my house.