the landlady 2
Updated: 2/7/2020
the landlady 2

Storyboard Text

  • i should like very much to stay here.
  • i knew you would. do come in. just hang it there, and let me help help you with your coat.
  • we have it all to ourselves. you see, it isn`t very often i have the pleasure of taiking a visitor into my little nest.
  • i should`ve thought you`d be simply swamped with applicants.
  • oh , i am, of course i am. but the trouble id that I`m inclined to be just a teeny weeny bit choosey and particuler. if you see what i mean?
  • ah, Yes
  • but I`m always ready. everything is always ready day an dnight in this house. just on the off-change that an acceptable young gentleman will come along.
  • this floor is mine, and the second floor is all yours
  • Here`s your room. i do hope you`ll like it.