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Updated: 2/2/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Come on niya its not going to take long
  • hey Niya I have some alcohol in my backpack you want to go get drunk with us
  • No thanks I have to go to track practice
  • *laughter
  • I hope they'll be okay to drive home
  • ouch ! SOMEBODY HELP ME !
  • Car crashes Laila flies out the car
  • I know I really regret it can you help me get on the right track
  • yes I wil we can talk to my coach tomorrow
  • Lalia what where you thinking. You could've died out there
  • Step three Avoid temptation If you fear that the temptation will be too strong, then avoid going out altogether
  • Step two you need to get rid of all your alcohol supply
  • In order to truly change, you have to really believe in yourself
  • Step one you need to make a plane you can quit gradually or right away
  • *one month later