Contents of a Dead Man's pocket
Updated: 11/20/2020
Contents of a Dead Man's pocket

Storyboard Text

  • The reader learns about Tom and his wife.
  • Exposition Tom Benecke is staying home while his wife, Clare goes out to the movies without him. He is choosing to stay home and not go with her sowork on a very important project for his job. It is hot in his apartment however so he decides to open the window.
  • The reader learns that the paper has flown out the window
  • Inciting Incident Toms paper flies out the window and lands on the ledge outside his apartment
  • The reader learns that Tom has decided to go out onto the ledge and try and get the paper.
  • RIsing Actions He assesses the situation because the paper is against a projecting wall from the next apartment caught in the corner between the two walls about five yards away. He decides it is a safe decision and he goes out and gets it.
  • The reader learns that he gets the paper but almost falls of the ledge.
  • Climax He goes out and slides easily against the wall. His apartment is on the 11th floorso he is up pretty high from the street. Once he gets to the end he straddles the ledge and scrapes his head against the wall as he goes down to get the paper. As he bends down to get it he looks down and he sees how far up he is and cannot move anymore because of his fear.
  • We learn that he gets into his house by breaking the glass with his shoe
  • Falling ActionSlowly as he continues to panic he is able to shut his mindoff again and he reaches for the paper but he almost falls and he grabs on to the window. With the weight of him grabbing it the window shuts and he tries to the get the people attention in the apartments on the other side of the street. No one is paying attention so he makes his way backto his apartment safely.
  • Resolution Once he is inside he takes the piece of paper out of his pocket and weighsit down with a pencil. At that moment Clare arrives home and the wind from the door blows the piece of paper out the window again. When he sees what has happened again he just laughs at the unbelievable coincidence.
  • We learn that he makes it back inside and the paper flies out again.