Marco Polo 3 Events
Updated: 2/10/2020
Marco Polo 3 Events

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  • Journey To Cathay - This was a trip in which Marco Polo and two others crossed the eastern deserts. They passed through Armenia, Persia, and Afghanistan, over the Pamirs, and all along the Silk Road to China!
  • ugh... the trip to Cathay is so LONG AND TIRING!!!
  • Arrival to Khan's Court - When they reached Khan's court, Marco instantly became the king's favorite, and they were highly honored. Marco was also appointed by Kublai Khan to perform different jobs.
  • Whoa... we've finally reached the humongous Khan's Court!
  • Journey Home on Sea - After having served 17 years in Khan's court, they decided to finally come home. Unfortunately, they spent 2 years on the trip and and 600 passengers died.
  • Atlas, on my way home. I hope death doesn't await us...