Unknown Story
Updated: 2/18/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Turtle & Flora
  • Sun Lin Hoo & Jake Wexler
  • Chris Theodoraski & Denton Deere
  • Turtle Wexler: Long braid, 12 yr old, skinny, does not have blonde hair, small chin, 1 pigtail, dark brown hair, rides a bike, Flora Baumbach: Gray straight bangs, dressmaker, rankle pudgy fingers, short and round, pointed ears, pressed lips, joker smile
  • Sandy & J.J. Ford
  • Jake Wexler: Light brown thinning hair, Podiatrists, laugh lines around eyesSun Lin Hoo: Don´t have anything for him
  • Grace & Mr.Shin Hoo
  • Chris Theodoraski: 15 years old, wears binoculars, smile can break your heart, curly hairDenton Deere: hospital whites, getting married
  • Crow & Otis
  • J.J. Ford: Judge, very educated, tall black women, tailored suit, short clipped gray hairSandy:Stocky, doorman uniform, broad shoulders, gold cap, steel framed glasses, chipped tooth
  • Grace: Fancy dress, heelsMr.Shin Hoo:Strict, owns restaurant
  • Crow: black clothes, dead white skin, gold-red hair, nape gaunt neck, clenched jaw, wrinkled skin, maid, knotted bun, bruised shinOtis: 62 year old delivery boy, small, long thin face, pointed chin, leather aviator hat, gray stubble