the invasion
Updated: 3/18/2020
the invasion

Storyboard Text

  • The Explanation
  • Lieutenant were gonna need you two south they breached the fortresses
  • Sir we won't survive they'll tear us too shreds
  • The stealth fight
  • The rescue party
  • Damn! were spotted fight.
  • Lieutenant Andrew and David McCall were at war with the natives they had to go to the south and defeat the natives
  • The gear up
  • Alright! now your armed the damn natives breached the south now lets show them that the biggest mistake of there lives was invading us lets go
  • They fought hard too go to the south too reclaim their land so they had to fight.
  • The standoff
  • The brothers stumbled on a town swarmed with natives and 500 soldiers who were hostage they fought and barely won and they freed the soldiers.
  • The victory
  • The soldiers were explained what happened and geared up and were ready too reclaim their land.
  • Grab your weapons
  • They confronted the natives and were refusing too give back there land so they had no choice but too fight.
  • Fight
  • They won the war and it was over for now.
  • Congratulations! Colonel James wants too see you we won the war
  • For Now