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Religion assessment 2 - Saul Is Acclaimed as King
Updated: 11/12/2020
Religion assessment 2 - Saul Is Acclaimed as King
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  • The lord of Israel, God says "I rescued you from slavery in egypt but you have rejected me and asked him to give you a king, very well then gather yourselves before the LORD by tribes and by clans!
  • Then samuel had each tribe come forward and the LORD finally picked the tribe of benjamin
  • He then had each family come forward and picked out the family off Matri.
  • And from the family of matri, Saul son of kish was picked as king but when they looked for him they could not find him
  • But then the lord spoke and said' Saul is over there, hiding behind the supplies
  • As Saul crept out of his hiding place everyone saw that he was at least a foot taller than anyone else there. Then Samuel said "This is the man that the lord has chosen! There is no one among us like him!"All the people shouted "Long live the King!"Then samuel explained to the people and Saul the rights and duties of a king, wrote the in a book and placed them in a holy place. After that he sent everyone home and Saul also went back to his home in gibeah.
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