Book report Deborah DaSilva
Updated: 12/9/2020
Book report Deborah DaSilva

Storyboard Text

  • Bla Bla Bla Bla
  • The man on the right has been following Jack and Praiseworthy around town. They then look back at him and they begin to talk.
  • "Everyone has left town and went up to the mines for the gold, and I need a haircut because I am getting married soon!" he cried.
  • The man then immediately asked, "Jack, your hair looks freshly cut! What barber cut your hair?
  • Jack and praiseworthy took one glance at each other and perhaps shared a thought in their heads.
  • Jack then explained that praiseworthy had cut his hair. The man then asked them to cut his hair. In return, he would teach them how to search for gold.
  • As he was teaching them they got lucky and found some gold. Fourteen dollars worth infact.