R&J Comic Strip
Updated: 3/13/2020
R&J Comic Strip

Storyboard Text

  • "Hey Romeo come out and stop waiting for Rosaline."
  • Come Mercutio, let us go, Romeo will be lost in thought thinking about Rosaline .
  • I am here my lady, my love.
  • Romeo, Romeo wherefore art thou, Romeo.
  • Father, I wish to get married to Capulet's beautiful daughter.
  • I will marry you, but I have fears that you are moving too quickly.
  • Dear nurse, will thou tell my love Juliet, to meet me at the church to beseech me in marrying thou?
  • Yes young lord I will see to it right away. I bid you farewell
  • Yes he said he would marry you at the church today!
  • Dear nurse, did you get word from Romeo?
  • I do
  • Do you Romeo take Juliet to be your wife? Do you Juliet take Romeo to be your husband?
  • I do