Updated: 2/2/2020
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  • Oh no! What's going on?
  • These objects in motion, will stay in motion forever!
  • We must be opposites! All your damage is attracted to my powers!
  • Magnet Maiden, Elastic Girl, Friction Fighter, and Gravity Guy are alarmed to find their city engulfed in dangerous storm clouds. They sense the presence of evil and know they must save the day. It's all up to the fantastic four to use their force!
  • Friction annoys me, none of these objects can resist your drag!
  • Inersia is here to cause destruction and wreak havoc on the city! With no outside forces, nothing can stop her.
  • You have no potential to succeed! Us forces will always pull you back into your place!
  • Magnet Maiden channels her magnetic force through the ground. It pulls the metal car to safety. Inersia watches in despair but continues her mission of world domination.
  • Our mass is more than yours! Our force will always be stronger when we work together!
  • Friction Fighter creates a strong wind blowing opposite Inersia's power. The friction between the lampost and the air slows the lampost's motion to a stop. Inersia is furious, but continues her mission.
  • Meanwhile, Elastic Girl ties a car down with a piece of elastic rope. As the car pulls on the rope, the rope stretches creating elastic force. Soon, the rope's pull will be stronger than Inersia's, and the car will be pulled back to the safety of the ground.
  • Gravity pulls all the remaining objects down to Earth, and the city is finally at peace. All four forces have stopped Inersia and now the city is safe!
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