Updated: 3/18/2020

Storyboard Text

  • You wish you could date me but you could never ever date me, I am prettier than Athena and you are uglier than a mole rat
  • Yeah, leave mole rat you'll never date some one as pretty as me not in a million years
  • No why would I want you, look like a mole rat as well
  • medusa can I please take your hand in marriage
  • yep, you know what we should get revenge lets trash her house
  • did medusa reject you too.
  • that will teach her to be nicer to people and simply say no
  • yeah
  • what happened to my house, what why is there, oh the boys trashed my house maybe, next time I'll be nicer
  • Don't call people names be nice to them and if they ask you something that you don't like the idea of simply decline politely.