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Updated: 8/29/2018
Unknown Story
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  • exposition
  • conflict
  • rising action
  • they live in the "future" where everyone is equal and all act the same. Knowing that all people aren't actually the same they make people who are above average became equal to the people who aren't on there level
  • climax
  • with knowing that life for the couple george and hazel is a little hard mostly for geogre because he's above average so whenever he thinks above average his actual thoughts are pushed away with very loud sounds to make sure he stays average
  • falling action
  • george and hazel we're pretty use to how life was them for but mostly george. so one afternon they were home watching some tv, it was ballerinas dancing around you could tell which ones who were above average. as they were watching tv a ballerina made a announcement that harrison there son had broken out of jail
  • resolution
  • and being that harrison was free out of jail the first place he went was the dance studio where the ballerinas were and starting shouting and told them to cut on some funky music and take out their ear pieces and so they did but then a lady came in and shot harrison
  • while all of that was going on george and hazel were watching at home on the tv the lady told the ballerinas and producers that they had 10 seconds to get back to normal before she shot them too so they continued back living how they were before
  • as watching all this a tear came down hazel face as she was watching the tv george asked her to remember but she couldn't do due the way her life was and george told her to forget bad things and so she did as they continued there night
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