The Canterbury Tales pt 2
Updated: 11/5/2018
The Canterbury Tales pt 2
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  • Tournament Stadium
  • Our story continues with a time jump. Last we saw, Palamon and Arcite were dueling in the woods. Well, when Theseus came across them he came up with the brilliant idea to have a tournament in one years time, with the winner getting Emily's hand.
  • We start back at the new stadium Theseus has built, along with 3 temples to the gods of love, war, and chastity. Our two valiant knights have returned and are preparing for battle as we speak.
  • Right before the tournament, Arcite and Palamon go and visit the gods of war and love, respectively. They both ask for victory in the name of their chosen god, and both believe to have received confirmation and leave in high hopes. Emily visits the god of chastity and begs to be let out of the impending marriage, however, she is told she must marry one of them.
  • Love
  • War
  • Chastity
  • As the battle raged on, Palamon put up a noble fight but in the end, Arcite reigned victorious.
  • My dear Emily, I love you with all of my soul and I wish the circumstances were different. Mourn my loss and keep me in your memory. However, if you must marry again I ask you to keep the humble and worthy Palamon in mind.
  • Unfortunately for Arcite, his victory was short lived due to the fatal fall he endured after falling off his horse under the commandment of Saturn, the god of love's father.
  • Listen here you two, we all lost Arcite and it's ok to grieve. But come on you cannot go on living like this, that's not what Arcite would have wanted. God made life in such a way that everyone will die, and you are foolish to live your life contrary to this truth.
  • All of Athens mourned Arcites death, but after years, Emily and Palamon were the only two left grieving and Theseus had had enough and decided to confront them about their despair.
  • Palamon and Emily realize the truth behind Theseus' words and eventually live to have a wonderfully long and happy marriage!
  • The End
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