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Updated: 2/5/2019
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Storyboard Text

  • the thunder made the fire it will take years to see this place again 
  • omg look at that big fire
  • omg i see little lots of palnts
  • it´s been 200 years lots of little plants grow.
  • i see a lot of plants and more bushes
  • it been 300 years even more bushes start to grow
  • hey i see very Little plants and a lot of dirt
  • that means this is secondary succession
  • its been 150 years small plants now starts to grow
  • i see some bushes 
  • its been 250 years lots of plants and bushes now grow.
  • i see trees lot of them!!! ... what are u doing with that tank
  • its been 500 years big tree start to grow. this is a flamethrower tank