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Hamlet Story Board
Updated: 4/17/2020
Hamlet Story Board
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  • To be, or not to be
  • Denmark has continued to have a feud with Norway for a long time and it began when King Hamlet killed Fortinbras, Hamlet is now disgusted by his mothers new marriage to King Hamlets evil brother.
  • A ghost comes to the kingdom and tells the truth about King Hamlets murder and that it was done by Claudius, Hamlet will now avenge.
  • I perchance hereafter still think meet To put and antic disposition on
  • The plays the thing where I'll catch the conscience of the King.
  • Hamlet sets out to create a play of the murder of his father so he can see Claudius's reaction and when the scene happens Claudius then leaves anxiously
  • Mother you have my father much offended
  • Hamlet ends up killing Polonius accidentally thinking it was Claudius, while confronting his mother. Claudius then sends Hamlet to England because he thinks Hamlet is a threat.
  • Hamlet is challenged to a sword fight by Laertes. His mother ends up dying from drinking the poison, Claudius dies from being stabbed and poisoned, and then Hamlet dies to leaving the throne to Horatio.
  • The rest is silence
  • THE END!
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