The Tempest
Updated: 2/23/2021
The Tempest

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  • The Tempest
  • Act 1
  • Act 2
  • The Tempest was written by William Shakespeare. It was his last play that he wrote.
  • Act 3
  • A large storm made a ship crash into an island, on the ship was the king of Naples, Alonso. On the island, we meet new people, Miranda and Prospero.
  • Act 4
  • Ansolo is heartbroken because his son Ferdinand has drowned. With everyone sleeping, Antonio and Sebastian create a plan to kill the king, before anything happens they wake up.
  • Act 5
  • Alonso and his group go out looking for Ferdinand to find him dead or alive, when he gave up hope Antonio and Sebastian tried to kill him. But it was interrupted by Prospero's huge banquet.
  • Prospero gives Ferdinand his blessing, allowing him to marry Miranda. In the end, Prospero gets power and casts a spell on the people trying to kill him.
  • In the end, Prospero has all his magic and forgives everyone, Alonso and his group finds out the Ferdinand is alive and other news. They finally get on a boat and head back home.