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Updated: 1/21/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Madi come down here and do the dishes!
  • Ok mom i´ll be down there in a sec, im talking on the phone.
  • I need you too wash the dishes, pick up the kitchen, and do your laundry
  • Encoding: The mom is telling Madi she needs to clean.
  • Ughhh! Yes mom.
  • OMG! I just want to go on Tik Tok why do i have to do everything in this house. What do u ever do.
  • Sender- MomReceiver- Madi
  • This i so boring!! Why am i even doing this itś Saturday.
  • Mom do i have to do this itś a Saturday and iḿ going to the mall.
  • HAHAHA! Of course you have to do it. The more you complain the longer itś going to take.
  • Sender- MomReceiver- Madi
  • Hurry up madi we want to go to dinner.
  • Madi you are almost done. So just get this done and we can go.
  • I finished mom i´m ready to go!
  • c
  • See i knew you would.
  • Mom i actually learned a lot from leaning today.
  • Decoding:Madi saying she understood why she needed to clean
  • Sender- MomReceiver- MadiChannel- Face to faceFeedback- The mom laughing
  • Sender- MomReceiver- MadiChannel- Face to face
  • Sender- MomReceiver- MadiChannel- Face to face
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