The Great Gatsby
Updated: 4/3/2021
The Great Gatsby

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  • Daisy, please let me explain myself I-
  • Your feelings!
  • You don't understand! Everything I have done, everything I have earned was for you!
  • Can't wait to hear what explanation he has for this one.
  • I was there, Jay, I heard it all.
  • I didn't ask you to. Did you ever once stop to think about my feelings?
  • I know your feelings. You love me, you have always loved me. Tom was just a mistake.
  • He is just an illusion. And if you can't see that for yourself, maybe you don't acknowledge your own feelings.
  • don't get mad, don't get mad.
  • A mistake!?
  • . . . Nope, I'm mad.
  • I-
  • No! I was alone for so long, until I met Tom. He isn't you, believe me I know that, but I did love him. I do love him. I wouldn't to be able to live with myself if I were with you now, having my old life stare me down from across the bay. I wouldn't be able to breath Jay I won't!
  • STOP!!
  • Stop it, you were gone five years Jay. Five years! I didn't know if you would come back, I didn't even know if you were alive!
  • Okay, okay Daisy I'm sorry-
  • Daisy, take a breath darling. Calm down.
  • Daisy, what is that...?
  • CaLM dOwN?!
  • Now you're sorry!? You never should have demanded so much of me!
  • Calm down?
  • Daisy, look out!!
  • Tom?... Tom!
  • . . .