Updated: 11/7/2018
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  • My name is Hattie, I am a house slave. My life isn't easy, but it's far easier than the lives of those who work in the fields. I am a cook for the Jones family. Other household slaves are maids, butlers, nursemaids, and coachmen.
  • I live in close proximity to the Jones family. We know each other very well. I get more opportunities and more food but I don't get much privacy. Also, there is some animosity between the field slaves and house slaves. It makes me sad.We get easier lives and they are jealous, and rightfully so.
  • Despite having easier labor, house slaves often have to deal with the unpleasant and unwanted advances of Mr.Jones. It's so sickening! Sometimes Mr. Jones will pressure a house slave into saying yes. Sometimes Mr. Jones will do things with one of us even if we say no. This has caused so much displeasure between some of the house slaves and Mrs. Jones. She will sometimes beat us and punish us.
  • My name is Thomas. I am a field slave. My life is full of horrible and demanding back breaking labor. 
  • We work many hours in the cotton fields. It's long and menial labor. We are up from sunrise to sunset. We are overseen by an overseer. The overseer is can punish us.
  • As far as punishments go, the overseer and master can get away with a lot. We are often whipped and beaten. We experience physical, emotional, verbal and sexual abuse. Once, the master beat a slave until he died. Even though murder is illegal, the charges against my master were dropped.
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