The plague hits
Updated: 11/5/2018
The plague hits
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4 kids were very poor, their parents did not have a job and they had to steal from food carts, and they lived in a old bar that went out of buisness, no one knew why. but one day when they went to get bread and came back, there mom and dad were gone an then the next day they got a letter from the king and he said that a disease called the plague was going around, he sent it to everyone in the kingdom. Then the kids got a hint, they knew why there parents weren't in the house... they died of the plague.

Storyboard Text

  • Hey, you kids get back here!!!
  • Lady: Hey you kids better watch it!!! Kira: Sorry mam were just trying to RUN FOR OUR LIFE!!!
  • Kira: Wheres mom and dad? They were here before we left...
  • Kira: Dont worry, its going to be ok Ella: No it will never be George: Dont think that way Alison: They worned us not to go out...
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